True Love

Love is God.

Love is bliss. It is the Creative Energy that purifies all, heals all and transcends all imperfections.

Love is inexhaustible, imperturbable, indestructible. It forgives all and gives eternally.

Love is eternal youth. It is the Spirit of God, it is Christ, the divine heritage of all human beings.

Love gives life, movement and existence to the whole of creation. But it does not manifest itself fully in man when he is enslaved by the ephemeral power of the dualistic consciousness (ego). The creative energies of that consciousness act within the whole of the relative soul[1] and this is what separates man from unity with perfect Love. If man wishes to express true Love, he must indisputably accomplish his transcendence, that is, void the power of duality in himself. Under this condition only can the pure energy of Love illuminate his relative soul.

Love cannot take possession of our subtle body if we do not purify ourselves. It would burn our psychological and physical body. We must know that the pure creative substance of Love is more powerful than the atomic energy that flows in our organism.

Love is the revelation of the Self of God in ourselves and that has nothing to do with the feelings that men and women have when they are enslaved by the ego. Those feelings are the reflection of the polarization of the attractive and repulsive energies which animate our body. Love is not the subject of sexuality. That is a natural act (procreation instinct) that allows life to reproduce in the vegetable, animal and human kingdom.

Man disturbed the procreative function when he identified with the consciousness of the ego. He maximized its activity by thoughts of greed for physical pleasures. Alas, these selfish, passionate and corruptible tendencies generate sexual and emotional problems that become more and more complicated and perverted. Those who do not control these tendencies end up being victims of serious psychological, physical and material troubles. The abuse of the sexual force can lead the individual to a premature death.

The sensations that man feels during the sexual act are but vibrating pulsations, which can be more or less intense. They are produced by the combination of the centrifugal, centripetal and vital forces that flow in our organism. These forces activate the process of procreation and provoke in the genitals a vibrating excitement. These pulsations spread mainly to the extremities of the sympathetic, spinal and cerebral nerves. The association of these forces is capable of stimulating the whole organism until the final phase of the reproductive cycle.

Human beings have allowed themselves to be blinded by these sensory pulsations that are inherent to the procreative force of life. They have erroneously believed that those attractive and repulsive pulsations were part of Love. This is how our world has developed. That mistake leads men to fantasize endlessly on the subject. They imagine numerous love stories that, in reality, are not.

Since man is still within the sphere of duality, he cannot yet express true love. Therefore, when two human beings are mutually attracted, it is simply a sexual or karmic attraction, which provokes immediately in their unconscious, emotions of seduction and carnal desire. Most often, sexual desire is masked by a simulation of thoughts of love. But that disappears very quickly after the sexual desire is satiated, or there develops in the mental and vital structures of the interested parties a sentimental or passionate story that will be called love. But that process is simply an emotional or physical union.

It is never experienced without problems and suffering that can withstand to time since there is no true Love. The master of that union is the concupiscent consciousness of the ego.

Today, many men and women have built an empire based on sexuality. That sexual state of consciousness is extremely harmful to all mankind. All of those form-thoughts and form-images are generative within the universal and individual unconscious. The weakest succumb to their influences. They, in turn, become subject and creator, they degrade more and more their mental, vital and intellectual structures. They are mere puppets rocked by the sexual energies that spontaneously operate within them. What a sad fate for all those people who think that happiness can be found among all these experiences and by switching partners often. Married or not, the result is identical in God’s eyes.

They are ignorant of the retribution reserved for them by the divine law over many lives. To be eternally consecrated by Love, we must reintegrate our spiritual nature, love in Spirit the conscience of God in each of us. But alas, as long as human beings remain within duality, the divine consciousness does not reveal itself within them.

The true union is to love the presence of God in one another, so that each is united with God in him and God in her.

Perfect Love manifests itself in the hearts of beings of divine condition. When we express it towards another, it sanctifies our subtle bodies. That divine grace liberates us little by little of the servitude of duality, which allows us to achieve our transcendence.

At the heart of the dualistic consciousness, men confuse the perfect Soul and the relative soul. The perfect Soul is the Self of the Spirit of God incarnated in each human being. The relative soul is the consciousness of the ego.

The perfect Soul has power over matter but, in order to manifest Itself within man, it requires that he unite with its omniscience.

Whereas the relative soul lives within the realm of matter governed by the law of cause and effect. These two creative forces subdue our whole organism and force us to experience all that we think, desire and believe.

It will still take a long time before men and women learn to love in truth