Spiritual Dialogue

« And he said, truly I say to you, unless you change and become like little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whoever therefore will humble himself like this little child, shall be great in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18-3.4.).

Danielle: What do you do Barry?

Barry: I am seeking God.

Danielle: Why are you seeking him?

Barry: Because my life is hell, I fear itself, sickness and death.

Danielle: But God is in you.

Barry: Yes, I know that God is in me, but I can’t help feeling all these negative emotions and thoughts.

Danielle: Listen, Barry. If you always talk about these negative patterns, first you amplify them, and then you root them more deeper in your unconscious.

You know, in this state of dualistic consciousness, you are under the rule of the law of cause and effect.

Therefore, for each emotional cause that you create in your mind, you will get its effect. That is the way within the duality. So, the first thing to do is to stop talking, and especially thinking about it. “For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be found guilty” (Matthew 12-37).

Barry: Yes, agreed! But if I see gurus who perform wonders, can they help me?

Danielle: Maybe they will give you words of wisdom. But they could never have the faith and love in your heart. Just as they cannot eat for you.

Barry    So what can I do?

Danielle: Who created the universe?

Barry: God.

Danielle: Who is God?

Barry: God is the Perfect Spirit of the Universe.

Danielle: So if God is the Perfect Spirit of the Universe, God is everything.

Everything we see is the light of God in the materiality.

Barry: Yes!

Danielle: So if God is everything you see, why do you fear itself, sickness and death?

Barry: Because it exists.

Danielle: How does it exist? Is the life of God vulnerable, imperfect or destructible?

Barry: No.

Danielle: So God cannot die.

Barry: Agree, but why are we sick?

Danielle: Because sickness is inherent to the ego, but can the Spirit of God be sick?

Barry: No!

Danielle: So why don’t you renounce the ego? In reality, who are you?

Barry: Barry!

Danielle: Ah!  Are you sure?

Barry: Yes I am sure.

Danielle: But if God is everything, how can you be Barry?

Barry: Because I am Barry.

Danielle: No! You are not Barry; you are the Spirit of God within a body that is called Barry. And when you understand that all men are only the Spirit of God, you will have no more fear and no more sickness and you will express eternal life.

Danielle: The body of God’s Spirit. The Spirit of God is the Body.

So stop running and contemplate with Faith and Love the Being that you are within yourself. Through serenity and renouncement, God will reveal his plan to you because in reality you are the perfect Self of God.