DON'T WASTE YOUR LIFE FORCE!

The importance that people attach to their physical bodies produces
a psychical dissonance, even though dense matter experiences no
sensations by itself.  What people feel inside their physical
bodies are merely the reactions and sensations of their psychical
bodies and not their physical bodies.

The body's tissues and organs are nourished by the atomic
electricity of the life force, the main energy that drives the
human body.  It is through this energy that we have the power to
feel and experience our (positive and negative) desires.  If humans
misuse this force, their life expectancy will inevitably go down,
between five and ten years.  This is why it is not reasonable to
engage in intensive physical activity in addition to one's
professional and sexual activities.

All these activities deplete the life force stored in the
cerebrospinal axis.  This energy is given to us at the moment of
conception as a new incarnation, under the (divine) law of
retribution.  This law grants our psychical bodies with a quantity
of life force for the duration of our lives. This quantity is a
function of the karma that we have accumulated during our past

Karma is the product of the causes that man produces with his
thoughts, his emotions and his feelings, based on his perceptions
of the visible world, of the universal creative forces and on his
beliefs.  This will constitutes his destiny, existence after
existence, according to the divine law of cause and effect,
inherent to the consciousness of the ego (the duality).

The benefits that people believe they get from sports become, in
the long run, dangerous to the sustenance of life in their physical
bodies.  The wise thing would be to engage in sports two to three
times a week instead of on a daily basis.

Man, by believing in the actual existence of his body, which in
fact is a mind in a body and only the mind rules the body, disrupts
the surface of the natural harmony of his psychical body.

This misunderstanding triggers an imbalance in his neuro-vegetative
system, which spreads to the sympathetic nervous system as well as
the cellular metabolism.
Since all bodily functions are irrigated by the subtle fluid of the
life force, this imbalance produces nervous agitation in the form
of psychical problems (behavioral, sexual and eating disorders) and

physical reactions in the form of various illnesses.

Therefore, all the exterior methods that men apply do not really
relieve the psychical tensions that afflict them due to their